Zeosror As Feed     

zeolite-feed-additive-Natural product does not contain any chemicals, usable directly or by mixing with other materials brushes of animal and poultry and has the property of adsorption of moisture and warm air around him. And remover of foul odors such as ammonia gas consisting of (urea + water = ammonia gas).

-Considered a factor in the improved metabolic processes poultry and animals with the ability to absorb more than about 40% of the unwanted gases out (carbon dioxide and ammonia). 

دواجن11-Works as good for connecting pellets, as added by 2-4% when manufacturing in feed mills, which reduces wastage and significantly raises the level of palatability of feed material compared to other Association.

-Add the zeolite in poultry feed over the passage of time a food item between 2 hours to 2.5 hours, which increases the advantage of better food ingredients.

- To remove the middle of the wet feed and prevention of disease Alecoqsidiocis (Coxidiosis) known as bloody diarrhea.

e_nutrition-The rebuilding of the inner wall of the stomach and intestines of animals is also working to increase the production of antibodies resistance to pathogens. 

-locked up heavy metals and toxins, especially those that have a significant impact in solitary substance aflatoxin. 

-locked up heavy metals such as cadmium, cobalt, lead and Aadaely disposal of the body with the stool.