Zeosror For Water Treatment

zeolite-ion-water-treatment  The use of natural zeolites in waste water treatment is one of the oldest and the most perspective areas of their application. The presence of heavy metals (Zn, Cr, Pb, Cd, Cu, Mn, Fe, etc.) in wastewater is a serious environmental problem and their removal by natural zeolites have been extensively studied along with other technologies, including chemical precipitation, ion exchange, adsorption, membrane filtration, coagulation flocculation, flotation and electrochemical methods.

الزيولايت في الماء   Recent investigations of natural zeolites as adsorbents in water and wastewater treatment, their properties and possible modification of natural zeolites have been a subject of many studies. Various natural zeolites around the world have shown good ion-exchange capacities for cations, such as ammonium and heavy metal ions. Modification of natural zeolites can be performed by several methods, such as acid treatment, ion exchange, and surfactant fictionalization. The modified zeolites can show high adsorption capacity also for organic matter and anions.