Zeosror For Agriculture

zeolite-soil-amendmentZeolites added to fertilizers helps to retain nutrients and, therefore, improving the long term soil quality by enhancing its absorption ability. It concerns the most important plant nutrients such as nitrogen (N) and potassium (K), and also calcium, magnesium and microelements. An added benefit of zeolite application is that unlike other soil amendments (gypsum and lime) it does not break down over time but remains in the soil to help improve nutrient and water retention permanently. With subsequent applications the zeolite will further improve the soil’s ability to retain nutrients and produce improved yields.

FloraStone-použitie3Zeolite assists water infiltration and retention in the soil due to its very porous properties and the capillary suction it exerts. Acting as a natural wetting agent, it is an excellent amendment for non wetting sands and to asset water distribution through soils..